Dog Grooming - Terms and Conditions

  • Prices are based on the time taken to groom a well behaved dog that is groomed regularly and with their coat in good condition.

  • Please ensure you arrive on time for your appointment. If you cannot keep your appointment please provide 24 hours’ notice. No shows or same day cancellations will result in the grooming fee still being charged.

  • Please ensure that your dog has had a chance to go to the toilet before arriving for your appointment.

  • Unfortunately, dogs that show aggression, will be muzzled for their safety and mine. If muzzling causes great distress to your dog, I will remove the muzzle and ask you to collect your pet as soon as you can.

  • I will not be held responsible for any injury, irritation, or hair loss that may arise during or due to the grooming process should the owner fail to disclose any information about any allergies/skin conditions, or any physical/medical condition.

  • Your dog's welfare is my priority, therefore, I reserve the right to stop grooming any dog that exhibits unacceptable levels of stress during the grooming process. If a full groom cannot continue, a reduction in price will be implemented.

  • If your dog requires urgent medical attention whilst in my care, I reserve the right to seek veterinary attention. Any fees incurred will be payable by the dog’s owner.

  • Grooming appointments are payable by cash only.

  • Payment is required on collection of your dog.

  • All owners will be expected to complete a registration form that outlines the conditions of which the dogs are accepted for grooming. By leaving your dog in my care you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.


Dematting Policy

If a dog is presented in a severely matted condition, it is policy to shave the whole coat using clippers with a close blade.


De-matting a dog causes tremendous stress and discomfort, therefore, shaving the coat is quicker and more gentle on the dog. If a dog’s coat is severely matted I will only attempt to de-matt the coat for a maximum of 20 minutes in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act 2006. I reserve the right to perform a complete clip off of the dog’s coat if the matting is severe enough to cause the dog discomfort and/or exceeds the 20 minute de-matting allowance. If a complete clip off needs to be performed I will endeavour to notify you before doing so.


Severely matted dogs will incur additional charges for de-matting and/or clipping off the coat. These charges will vary dependant on the time taken for the procedure but can range from £5 to £35.


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